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Holiday help

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Holiday help, CHRISTMAS HELP: I am a single mother of an amazing 9 year old with cystic fibrosis and autism

I am a single mother of an amazing 9 year old with cystic fibrosis and autism and a beautiful 13 year old daughter. I am a full time hairdresser. My son has a chronic illness , cystic fibrosis and has been to Children's hospital and numerous specialists lately.He has three surgeries in January for his sinuses, bronchioscope, and endoscopy. His weeks have been full of tests, new meds,and staying awake at school.My daughter has taken a backseat at times growing up as a special needs sister. She's amazing and deserves more than I can give this year. My time at work has been greatly cut taking care of my son. I'm scraping for bills and rent. What I really hope to reach out for is help to give them some things to open. I should've reached out earlier as we are so close to Christmas, but I had been trying to make it happen alone and do far,I can't buy gifts, only bills and meds. So with pride aside and a thankful heart,I thank you kindly for any help offered.
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christmas assistance, Holiday help: We all go through times of stress and need someone we can look up to for

We all go through times of stress and need someone we can look up to for relief. It can be a best friends inspirational words, music, or most importantly, God. No matter what the circumstance we can always rest in the fact that God will always be faithful.

I and my family are struggling like a lot ppl are right now--- I'm trying my hardest to do right and keep right like I think I am.. I am finishing up school, I am conquering major health issues and my kids are happy, we do have a roof over our heads and even though food is minimum I'm doing the best I can for them

I have come here looking for answers or help actually ANYTHING but I found I can do this-- I can make it, I've come this far in my life to WANT/ FEEL LIKE giving up now... I thank the LORD everyday just for giving me a beautiful day even when I feel like the world is weighing me down

I may NOT have a big spread for Christmas but I'm living-- I'm here-- I'm alive and I have my kids whole heartedly so I say it proudly THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR GIVING ME THIS DAY THANK YOU... AMEN
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CHRISTMAS HELP, christmas assistance: I need help DEPERATELY--- Its 12/7/14, When I started thinking about

I need help DEPERATELY--- Its 12/7/14, When I started thinking about writing this.. I need financial assistance, I have kids and I am a fulltime student who does NOT receive public assistance I just got cut off right before Thanksgiving and with Christmas just around the corner I do NOT have this kind of money at all--- I barely make it month to month and I have called 211 looking for ANY TYPE of ASSISTANCE and to no avail have I found ANYTHING--I'm very STRESSED and do nothing but be depressed and cry, I don't tell my children what is happening right now cause this is an adult worry... UGH... PLEASE SOMEONE.. ANYONE... If you can HELP in anyway: financial or information, I appreciate anything right now... PLEASE I am asking that you contact me to let me know either way if you can assist me. IF you need or want a list of what they would like, I can provide them. My email is INCLUDED HERE so please we are struggling financially we just can't do it my daughter has found a job but has yet to start even trying to help when she can-- I have also started to look but don't know where I will fit it in, but the 2 older ones they both WANT to HELP, I DO UNDERSTAND that the financial situations of our economy is making employment hard to find and get, but we are trying. I used to only get $236 a month from food assistance and my disability goes to both rent and bills so I'm broke even by the time I get what I get each month. I am grateful but I know it is NOT enough-- I really do need the help, I am currently working on my education and hoping that my new year 2015 has something waiting for me to better my life cause I'm jumping in head first at the opportunity to do it. I do appreciate any and all help that I am able to receive.

I'm going to change my future.. I do not want to have this every end of the year to me-- I always say this and darn it what else is there for me to do when I'm working on it.... What am I doing wrong to have this happen to me?? Uuugh-- reeeeally...
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workingmama   in reply to workingmama   on


I work my butt off to take care of my babies, but we still struggle. I have a job and I clean houses, babysit, shovel snow, cut grass, etc. whatever I need to do to make ends meet. This year I've had a major set-back with the father of my children. He was taking care of them when I worked (which worked nicely for all involved-he got his visiting time, kids got to spend time w/him and his family, and I didn't have to pay a babysitter so I could go work). In October, I found out that he was physically abusing our 4 yr old daugher (she had a handprint bruised onto her tiny little face when I went to pick her up from a weekend with him!). When I confronted him about this, he also assaulted me in front of our son (6). The police didn't do a thing, pitiful. DCFS "indicated" him as guilty of child abuse, but the state's attorney wouldn't even file charges. Anyhow, I now am having to pay a babysitter (thankful to have an exceptional young mother to look after my babies when I can't, though) for the time I'm actually at work, and I work nights so I have to pay her to keep them in the daytime sometimes as well so I can get sleep between shifts. Trust me when I say I work for my money. I do as much overtime as possible and I do any odd jobs I can find. I can clean, cook, do childcare-i was a nanny for several years, i bake fabulous desserts and can cater parties, and i am a medical assistant and cna so i can also do homehealth. I just need a bit of assistance this christmas to help my children have the christmas they deserve. I know not being able to see their father anymore has impacted my children, and the last thing they need is to lose hope or their spirit of christmas. We will gladly accept used items, we are not picky and my children know the value of money. We shop thrift stores and hunt for bargains all the time. Even though I'm single and their father does nothing to contribute, the state will not give me any assistance for some reason, even though based on my income and their own guidelines I qualify for it. I will most graciously work off any help you can provide- I have many useful skills. Thanks for reading and thanks for thinking of others this holiday! (P.S.- i can provide police reports to verify the incidents I described, i know there are a ton of scammers out here)
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Angels Over All   in reply to Angels Over All   on

Angels Over All

Keep On the look Out for our Location for the Toys for Tots Food, Clothing, Toys, & Furniture Give away!!!!
If u would Like to Contribute, Please Conatct Angels Over All Asap!
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Christmas Help, Help for the holidays: Well where is there to start.... this year is almost up && there are a

Well where is there to start.... this year is almost up && there are a lot of us families look'n for help---- && I am one of them... I live in Berks county && I am disabled..I've been through sooooo much in this past year with my own health issues I thought I was gon' pass away, but I'm still here-- I have no job- I barely can make a Christmas for our family && just look'n for a little Christmas cheer, help someone who has a big heart && would like to share it with my family... I need some kind of happiness to happen for my little family... I have been looking for help since June of 2013 to get on HOLIDAY HELP LISTS but they give a certain month to apply--- I did not think of EXACTLY how many families apply-- so I was not picked...........I don't know what to do, wanted this year to be different- finish school have a great job a better life going but NOPE-- I'm not giving up-- I'm here in this life for a reason cause GOD has not taken from me yet--- PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE... I will take anything: giftcards- used toys to give as gifts or even used clothing since everyone in my family needs jackets && warm clothes this winter....... I really need this.. really I do
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Just Me-- Marisa  

PLEASE READ MY POST, PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: This past year has been a little hard on us. I'm not giving up on

This past year has been a little hard on us. I'm not giving up on my family-- I will keep sending requests and wait, and wait-- I know everyone can't be HELPED I'm just hoping to be one of the lucky ones that does receive help..
I am seeking contributions for to help me with or get me through the rest of the year. I would really appreciate donations in money to help get me through I have been in school for over a year full time and receive food stamps and cash assistance but live month to month doing this and I just can't seem to catch up-- I go to school full time and internship so this takes a lot of my day.
I have been fighting for SSI benefits for over a year and I struggle each and every day trying to stay in school-- I have so many appointments because I have a lot of health issues and trying to keep up with life itself is taking its toll, sometimes I feel like I just might NOT wake up the next day cause I run myself bare, hurting each and every night, but I FORCE myself to do it.
I can't believe I'm waiting so long to ask for this help-- but I'm EMBARASSED.. I'm first and foremost a mother and that does mean a lot to me-- these days it is just so HARD...
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Just Me-- Marisa  

PLEASE, PLEASE """SOMEBODY"" HELP ME........... I REALLY NEED HELP even IF I can somehow

PLEASE, PLEASE """SOMEBODY"" HELP ME........... I REALLY NEED HELP even IF I can somehow get like $300 by today I can put it down for this place so it does NOT get away for my family... PLEASE SOMEBODY-- email if you need to at, I have been on the phone all morning until now its been closed doors with everything and just need the help PLEASE-- I'm down to begging we have til the end of the week to get into this place
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The closer I it gets to the month of december, the more I panic, unless a miricle happens

The closer I it gets to the month of december, the more I panic, unless a miricle happens my kids are going to have a disappointing Christmas. I attempted salvation army, and toys for tots here in florida, to no avail they had completed the application process. Things went sour after a lay off this october, and no re,employment comp was granted. Im truely broken about my situation and feel like a failure to my kids 1 daughter age15, and 3 boys 11,9,and 6. If there is any information or anything that you can inform mr about that will help our needs i will be greatfull. Thanks for looking.....
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Working mother of two amazing girls, just need a bit of help. I have an awesome 17 year old and an amazing 10 year old. Both truly great girls, it has been a tough year, I do work, but due to a car wreck this summer I was out of work with no disability for 2 months and am now only released to work part time. I have lost alot of income due to this wreck, had to apply for assitance for food, which has helped keep food on the table but with the cost of senior year for my oldest and college application fees,vehicals that keep breaking down and normal cost of just getting by Christmas is not looking good. Just want to have somethings to put under the tree for them. Hopefully we can get everyone back to prewreck normal and one day pay it forward for whatever kindness may come our way this year. Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays!
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alanichole   in reply to alanichole   on


So very stressed with the holidays getting closer.. Hoping to find some relief for the holiday season and leave me able to deliver a wonderful Christmas to my children as they deserve nothing more..
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Young widow update found a job

I have an update, I've got a little bit of good news. I found a job working for Enterprise Rent A Car. Its a home based position as a reservationist from 9am to 6pm mon thru fri so its perfect for me and the pay is very good and it has benefits and a retirement plan. The only thing is I don't have a home computer. However God works in mysterious ways! A friend of mine was kind enough to give me her old computer tower, keyboard and speakers.and I have wifi service in my cell phone plan so that's taken care of but I need a monitor for the computer. It dosent have to be new or fancy, I don't need anything special, just a basic monitor. I looked on shmittys page of links because sandy24 was kind enough to direct me there and he had a link for free computers for needy families but unfortunately right now they are only providing computers to families on the west coast. I live in the mid west, more specifically elmwood park illinois its a suburb right next to chicago bordered by oak park, river forest, melrose park , river grove, and chicago. If anybody lives near my area and has an old monitor they don't need and don't want it to go into a landfill please let me know, I don't have a car but if its not too, heavy I can come on the bus and pick it up. if its too heavy I can try to get a friend to give me a ride to pick it up. Any help would be appreciated. I am supposed to start the 4 week virtual training class on friday morning, so I am trying to.get s monitor as soon as I possibly can. Thank you everyone God Bless you happy holidays!
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No money, no help for us. My kids will have no Christmas

I'm at a loss. I've got 2 kids, one is special needs. My husband and I were both laid off in the fall. Unemployment has made a horrible clerical error with his claim, so he has not seen a check in 3 months. They keep telling him that they will sort it out, but the supervisors are busy, so it'll be 4 more weeks.
Because he qualified for unemployment, we are denied any and all assistance. My money last month went to heat, so we are 2 months late on rent. I dont eat so i can feed the kids. There will be no presents for my babies this year. And that is tearing my heart out. They're so good, and don't deserve this.
I can't live with this any more. I don't want to see the day when we are homeless, or the food runs out.
I am at the end of my strength. There is no help for us, and we are victims of the unemployment offices error, which they are not rushing to fix. I have broken down begging, and they just told me to go apply for services, which were already denied months back.

I need help, and strength. I've worked my entire life, why can't there be help for my babies?
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Help for my family this holiday season with rent and my boys

Hi my name is Jen i have few post on here but i wanted to update it. This Christmas is becoming worse now everyday as now with me not working which is really hard on me and my boys to top it off our rent of 650 from nov is not paid so now we owe nov and this month. We might be kicked out on,the street for Christmas. So no home no presents and the state cant help rent because we dont have tanf or foodstamps and we dont have that because they are pending it because they say all the paperwork isnt in which i made sure i gave it to them. I have tried curches too nothing no help anywhere. No rent money no presents no help. I have new job that starts mid jan working at a shelter. But until then we are in desprate help if anyone out there can help in any way please please contact me asap. I will be so very greatful to any angel. Bless you.
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Help, , Children, Family

Hi My name is Sharon and I am contacting you in hopes that you knew of anyone who is looking to adopt a family in need for Christmas this year. or if you knew of any organizations that is. I have contacted 211 and they have nothing and 2 of my children is to old to receive gifts from Toys for Tots and I would really like for them to have a nice Christmas if possible. I am a single mother of 4 children 15, 14, 12 and 2 and I cant afford to do anything for them. I am barely keeping my bills current. it would be a blessing if their was anything you could do to help me.Anything you can I would be very grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read and God Bless you!
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PLEASE help me give my little boy Christmas

I am here in hopes that someone can help me with Christmas for my little boy. He is 7yrs old, and has severe asthma and allergies that keeps him inside alot. I volunteer for the school during the week to keep up with his progress and help some of the other children who need one on one help. I do not have any income, and my husband is on SS, so he does all he can to keep the bills paid, and food on the table. My son loves Legos, and Xbox360 games. He also loves Nerf guns. He would really be happy with anything, because he is such an appreciative little guy. Used items or new it doesnt really matter. I just need some help. Christmas is right around the corner, and he is looking forward to Santa. I dont want to let him down. He is my joy and I love him so much. Thanks to everyone who reads this, even if it is just for prayers.

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Holiday HelpAssistance

Please go to and submit your story for assistance this holiday season. We are giving away thanksgiving meals as well as Christmas presents, Christmas trees and meals. We try to aid as many families as we can throughout the year. Feel free to post stories about others that you know as well. Also there is a forum where users can adopt other families.
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Hi, I’ve never done this before and could REALLY use some help this year for the holidays. I recently lost most of my income coming into my household and I am barely covering my rent with my paychecks and have shut offs on most everything so I’m asking for any help that can be offered to my family. I am honestly very embarrassed to ask as I KNOW there are people out there in far greater need, but for my son who is 13yrs I have to try; I can’t imagine the look on his face if he got nothing for christmas; I also have a 22yr old male college student living with us so any help would be greatly appreciated or any info on programs that may help with Thanksgiving or Christmas; my husband is disabled and I have severe health problems and I am barely hanging on, after 23yrs together my husband can no longer work and it’s all left up to me and I’m scared as it gets closer and closer to both holidays. thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from your charity. Either way, thank you for your time.
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Christmas help

Does anybody know where I can get christmas assistance for my kids in collin county tx. I missed the salvation army angel tree sign up by 2 days

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christmas help needed

Please help us with christmas gifts for are kids. There are 7 kids from ages 2-11. there is six boys and one girl. Please give us a call at 720-404-9820
720-298-1991 or 720-297-4684 Thank you and god bless
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